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We value your questions and comments. Your inquiry will be referred to the appropriate department.

New Customers:
We serve a wide variety of customers, including bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores, candy stores, espresso shops, caterers, donut shops, pizzerias, tortilla factories, delis, institutions and hotels among others. If you are interested in becoming a new customer please contact us at .


New Vendors:
New vendors with strategic product and business opportunities are invited to e-mail our management team with information. We are continually seeking and reviewing the latest industry trends and successes. We look forward to considering proven, quality programs.

Employment Applications:
At the foundation of our business, are the people who work for SBS Foods. If you have practical talent, experience or are just beginning a career please send us your resume and wage requirements along with a brief explanation of why you would like to work for Spokane Bakery Supply. Our team is growing and we welcome new contributors.

For a prompt response all inquiries should be directed to:
Please, include your name, phone number and purpose of your inquiry.

Please contact your company representative or customer service in the usual manner regarding specific product information, order status or accounting inquiries.